The coconut and the stone – A tale of choices

Akshardham Temple

In the heart of Hindu tradition lies a practice deeply rooted in devotion and spirituality – the act of visiting a temple. For many, it is a daily ritual, while for others, it’s a weekly commitment. One common thread that ties these visits together is the offering of a coconut to the deity. In this age-old tradition, hundreds of devotees throng to temples, clutching coconuts in their hands, ready to express their reverence and gratitude. Yet, within this sacred custom lies a profound lesson, as told through the story of a stone, aching from years of bearing the brunt of coconut offerings.

The Stone’s Silent Suffering:

At first, the stone was indifferent to the coconuts that came its way. Stoically, it absorbed the impact of each coconut, fulfilling its role without complaint. But as time wore on, the stone began to feel a deep and persistent pain. It was as if its very core was being ripped apart by the relentless strikes.

A Life-Changing Revelation:

One fateful day, unable to bear the agony any longer, the stone whispered to itself, “I can’t endure this torment any further.” It reflected upon its choices, realizing that it had taken the wrong path in life. The stone remembered a pivotal moment when it had the opportunity to accept the offer of a skilled sculptor. If only it had chosen wisely, it could have been transformed into a magnificent statue of the deity, free from the relentless pain.

Our Lives as Stones:

The tale of the stone in the temple holds a profound message for our lives. Much like the stone, we are confronted with choices every day, each one with the potential to shape our destiny. These decisions are the building blocks of our existence, and they can lead us either towards a life of fulfillment or one marred by regret and suffering.

The Power of Choice:

The lesson here is clear – the choices we make have the power to determine the quality of our lives. Just as the stone could have avoided its pain by making the right choice, we too can evade suffering and regret by making informed decisions. Every choice we make is an opportunity to sculpt our lives into something beautiful and meaningful.


In the hallowed precincts of Hindu temples, where coconuts fall and stones bear the weight of devotion, we find a timeless lesson. Let us remember the story of the stone as a reminder that our choices matter. In the journey of life, may we strive to make decisions that lead us towards fulfillment and away from needless pain and regret? Just as the stone could have become a magnificent statue, we too can carve out a life of beauty and purpose through the choices we make.

The story also teaches us that the stone that bore the brunt of devotion reminds us that every decision we make is a brushstroke on the canvas of our existence. It’s a call to embrace the power of choice and seize the opportunity to mold our lives into something extraordinary.

Like the stone that could have become a deity’s statue, we too possess the potential for greatness within us. Let’s use the gift of choice wisely, as a chisel to carve a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and beauty. In the tapestry of our journey, may we weave threads of conscious decisions, leading us away from pain and regret, and towards a life that stands as a testament to our devotion, courage, and wisdom.

Remember, the stone’s journey is our journey, and within its story lies the inspiration to become the sculptors of our own destiny.

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